Saturday, September 29, 2007

Peabody's Glorious Bailey's Cake

Last Tuesday was my father's 50th birthday. I wanted to concoct something faaabulous for him. Unfortunately, many of his loved ones had this plan, too. People were assigning themselves courses right and left. As quick as I could, I assigned myself cake duty. Mistake??? Well, not exactly. Considering how indecisive I can be at times, and the infinite number of recipes entitled "The Best Birthday Cake Ever", this could have been trouble. I had been, however, trolling CulinaryConcoctionsByPeabody regularly. THANK YOU PEABODY! I still had a hard time making up my mind to actually stick with one recipe (as opposed to cramming 4 or 5 into one). Peabody's Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream Cake ( seemed decadent, and extravagant enough to celebrate a 50th birthday.

If you go to Peabody's website, you will see that I left off the store bought caramel topping, and opted to top the cake with leftover ganache and frosting bits. I just piped them into little mounds.

Oh! Speaking of leftover frosting and ganache...boy was there plenty! Peabody often makes "small batch" baked goods. This recipe was for a "regular" (9 inch rounds) sized cake. I literally could have frosted 24 cupcakes in addition to the cake. And by no means am I a stingy froster.

Also, as the name of my blog would suggest, I am in fact, in Utah. See: High Altitude. This being said, I would absolutely use Peabody's recipe as a base again in the future, albeit a loose base. I loved the frosting. I would be happy with a regular ol' caramel candies necessary (as they didn't add much flavor IMHO). The cake layers were too dense and crumby for Salt City elevation. Don't get me wrong, the cake got rave reviews, there are just a few things I could tweak to guild the lily in the future.

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