Saturday, March 15, 2008


I like to bake cookies mostly. Why???
Oh, because I love to eat the dough.
But today, I baked crackers. With some inspiration from
Kath and her husband over at, I started
throwin ingredients into a bowl. I ended up with red quinoa,
almond slices, pepitas, sunflower seeds, salt, pepper, and
flax seeds. I toasted all of these and then cooled them. To
this I added whole wheat flour, vital wheat gluten (for higher
protein, that was silly...nobody wants glutenous crackers!!),
olive oil, honey, and water.
Some of them got fresh rosemary and basil in their
dough. Some of them got topped off with delicious
pecorino romano.
They are high fiber, high protein, high MUFA fabu
little treats!

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