Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Next???

This here is
mas Eve dessert. I somehow managed to not get a photo of the inside of the cake. WAH WAH. I love love love the way the outside looks. It is a knockoff of the Chocolate Pepper mint Stick Marsh mallow Fantasy Cake from
I made it with part whole grain flour, and less sugar, part splenda. It was delicious, but you should never ever try to make seven minute (or marshmallow) frosting with reduced sugar. It just doesn't create the same billowy effect. I kind of knew that going in to the experiment, but if you know me, I am pretty stubborn, and I had a "I will make this work" mentality that December day.
If you haven't checked out Peabody's website...go there (but only if you've got a few hours to kill!)

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