Saturday, March 15, 2008

You are SO good lookin...

I knew nothing about Babka until Seinfeld enlightened me.
I am a Utahn. My understanding is that those of you who live in the East know all about I turned to you for guidance. I searched many food blogs and recipe sights to find what people considered the ultimate Babka. The verdict??? Neither cinnamon, nor chocolate, but a marriage of the two. Apparently, the streusel topping is as important as properly acting yeast. Marry and streusify I did.
Yeast doin' its' thing...
Dough with dough hook
Streusel topping made while dough rises
Inards, also made while dough rises
Large loaf, all rolled up and generously twisted
Preparing mini-loaves. The recipe was supposed to make three large loaves, I did two large and made four small out of the last large. I thought the tiny ones turned out better!!
Tiny loaves before baking
Large loaves before baking
Large loaves straight outta the oven.

I have serious intentions of proper experimentation with all kinds of Babka in the near future. If you live in Utah and you'd like to reap the benefits of the gargantuan recipe yield, all you gotta do is give me the word!!

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Simple and Divine said...

YUM YUM and YUM! I looooove Babka! And you're pictures are gorgeous! have a fantastic saturday!